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The synagogue has several fundraisers throughout the year.

  • Wall of Honor. Our annual Wall of Honor High Holiday appeal is an important way to support the synagogue, providing important funding for programming and congregants in need throughout the year.
  • Journal Dinner. Each year we honor a guest of honor and key volunteers. That journal becomes a book of record wherein we congratulate those honorees for their service to the shul and demonstrate our support for our Jewish community.

We also have opportunities for supporters of the synagogue who wish to provide a permanent gift to the shul. These gifts can also provide grantors with significant tax and estate planning benefits.

The synagogue has a number of funds that allow you to make a targeted gift to us. To learn more about our funds, call Bonnie Komito at 732-536-2300 x101. Below is some additional information about the Temple Funds and how they are used.

Temple Funds and How They Are Used


  • Martin Wallack Am Yisrael Chai Fund. To support victims of terror in Israel and various efforts on behalf of Jewish causes worldwide.

Unrestricted Giving

  • General Fund. Unrestricted gift to the synagogue which can be used for any purpose, including the operating expenses of the synagogue.

Funds Benefiting Youth and Young Adults

  • Fleischer Legacy¬†Fund. The Ilene Meryl Fleischer Fund was established in order to provide scholarships to young adults between the ages of 12 and 18 who belong to Marlboro Jewish Center.Scholarships are given to enhance and enrich Jewish experiences which will be shared by the recipient with Marlboro Jewish Center upon his/her return. Stipends are awarded to those who have participated in Jewish activities and are based on merit. In addition, the fund supports cultural and entertainment events during the year and are planned to meet the interests of diverse age groups.

    An application is posted on the web site of Marlboro Jewish Center. When completed, please email the application to syl20ed@aol.com for consideration.

  • Jerry Gulkis. To help support two students in the Youth Program participate in Encampment.
  • Lauren Pruzan. To provide equipment for the Nursery School.
  • Robert Rendelstein Memorial Fund. To purchase computers for the Nursery School.
  • Rubin Scholarship Fund. Provides a yearly scholarship/award to a Hebrew School student and a Hebrew High School student.
  • Youth Discretionary Fund. To provide scholarships & subsidies for children in our Youth programs to attend regional events.
  • Sam Shebitz Fund. Sisterhood fund for Youth Department activities.
  • Jack Rifkin Scholarship Fund. Defrays the cost of Hebrew School for families on hardship.
  • David Kaufman Memorial Fund.Provides Nursery School or Kindergarten scholarship.
  • Carolyn Weil Memorial Fund. To assist deserving college students with a stipend for Jewish learning.
  • Stephen Gottfried Memorial Fund. To help support gymnasium based activities through the purchase of equipment and maintenance of the gym.

Ritual and Book Funds

  • Torah Restoration Fund. To restore and maintain current Torahs and purchase additional Torahs.
  • Prayer Book. To purchase new prayer books, bibles, and holy texts for the synagogue.
  • Beit Midrash Fund. For upkeep of our Beit Midrash and Beit Midrash library to purchase books and ritual objects.
  • Allen . Kleinman Memorial Fund. To purchase new books, music, or content for the Library.

Adult Education

  • My Parents Torah Fund. To help defray the cost of Adult Education programming for the synagogue.

Funds at the Discretion of Ritual Leadership

  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund. Donations to various charities, books, ritual objects & others at the Rabbi’s discretion.
  • Cantor’s Discretionary Fund. Donations to various charities, books, ritual objects & others at the Cantor’s discretion.
  • Cantor’s Institute Scholarship Fund. To help support a Cantorial student in his or her training.

Funds Aimed at Social Action and Tikun Olam

  • Shivah/Chesed Fund. To help defray the cost of Shivah platters, meals, and items sent out to congregants in times of need.
  • Tzedakah Fund. To provide support to families and individuals in need locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Theodore & Debra Steinkohl Social Action Fund. To help fund Social Action programs as designated by the synagogue.


  • Holocaust Remembrance Fund. Used for various activities including Holocaust associated programming and to create a permanent Holocaust Memorial at Marlboro Jewish Center.