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New Funds Committee

New Funds Committee
Whether to commemorate a simcha, memorialize someone close who has passed, or support a specific area of need, donations to the various funds at Marlboro Jewish Center have been an integral way for our congregants to give back to the synagogue and our congregation.

Historically, contributions to the funds at MJC have assisted in so many worthwhile ways such as: helping to support our youth, supporting initiatives with seniors, beautifying our synagogue, replacing prayer books; developing programming; taking care of our own during the Shiva period; helping those truly in need. In order to ensure that monies are being used the way they were intended to by the donors, as well as to safeguard and strengthen these funds for the future, a Funds Committee was recently put in place at MJC.

To simplify the current process, this Funds Committee is reviewing the existing synagogue funds to determine how active they still are and whether there is still sufficient funding to maintain them. Those funds that are no longer deemed active will be retired with a memorial plaque to be erected in the synagogue to commemorate them. Those funds that will remain active will be categorized with other funds of similar purpose in one of the following categories:

Ritual Initiatives
Youth Initiatives and Education
Holocaust Remembrance
Israel Affairs
Adult Education
Tikkun Olam – Supporting our Community
Synagogue Enhancement
Discretionary Funds
Temple Legacy Fund

Over the next few months, you will be seeing more information on how the new funds structure will work and the related ways to access the funds and help support them. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Bonnie Komito in the office.