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Since 1985, the Marlboro Jewish Center has offered its large membership the opportunity to attend either a traditional High Holiday Service or an alternative High Holiday Service. The alternativeMachzorfor Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is in loose leaf form so that its contents can change but still keep the traditional order of the prayer service. We are pleased to present to all interested parties the opportunity of sharing our Contemporary High Holiday Service with you. By connecting to the link, you will be able to view our service and use it for your congregation. If you do use the service, please give credit to the Marlboro Jewish Center, Marlboro,New Jersey. We would also like to hear from you letting us know how you implemented this link.

For those reading Torah, here are the prayers that are chanted. Thank you to Cantor Krieger for singing the melodies.

We have some Chanukah prayers that you can download!   Thank you to Cantor Krieger for singing the melodies.

To learn more about Jewish holidays, follow the links below to learn the answers to frequently asked questions about the holidays from http://jewfaq.org.