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Service Attendance

Please complete this registration form in order to attend a Shabbat service at the Marlboro Jewish Center.
A separate form MUST be submitted for each person planning to attend the service.
Registration is valid for a service on the upcoming Shabbat/Holiday on the date listed in this form below only.

We strongly encourage that attendance at services be limited to those fully vaccinated, or those aged 13-64 who do not have any chronic medical conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, heart, lung, kidney, or liver disease, neurologic disorders, immuno-deficiencies, or severe obesity. Please see the CDC website for more information with regard to those who are most at-risk:
By attending a service at MJC, you do so at your own risk and agree to follow all rules and instructions.

Protocols and Requirements

  • As per CDC guidelines, everyone entering the building above the age of two must wear a face covering that covers both mouth and nose and must continue to wear it while on the MJC premises, including during the service. Coverings must be provided by the individual and will not be made available by the synagogue.
  • Everyone entering the building will have their temperature taken with no contact thermometers. Anyone with a temperature of 100.2 will not be permitted entry into the building.
  • All attendees must maintain 6 feet distance with all others, except for immediate family members, caretakers, or romantic partners.
  • There should be no physical contact between attendees, except among immediate family members, caretakers, or romantic partners. This includes hand shaking (even with gloves), fist bumps, hugs, and kisses.
  • All bathrooms will be closed. The ADA bathroom will be available for emergency use only, with entry permitted for one occupant at a time.
  • Attendees are requested to use the Hand Sanitizer upon entry to the building.
  • Attendees must follow directions that will be given for exiting the building.
  • Attendees from out of state must adhere to the quarantining guidelines as per the NJ travel advisory, found HERE.
Please list the address where you live.
Registration is for the upcoming weekend only
Please note, each adult family member must register separately.
Sun, April 11 2021 29 Nisan 5781