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High Holiday Greetings

Carreen and Norman Abramson & Family

Ronnee and David Ades & Family

Elaine and Stephen Adler & Family

The Alterman Family

Ruth and Jack Appel & Family

Lela and Nathan Barbanel & Family

Andrea, Scott, Naomi and Aliza Barnett

Lori, Allen, Kyle and Sydney Basis

Marci, Don, Jared, Scott, and Brandon Bayer

Cantor Neil and Joy Ben-Isvy and Family

Steven, Leslie, Daniel, Shera and Ethan Berlin

Shelley and Stuart Bernstein

The Bokser Family

Merri and Harold Brenner & Family

Laurie and Bruce Bzura & Family

Jill and Joel Bzura & Family

Larry and Sandy Cains & Family

Sherry and Russell Cammeyer & Family

Renee and Al Cohen & Family

Eric, Sandy, Brett and Lindsay Cohen

The Crystall Family

Genia and Mel Danzig & Family

The Danziger Family

Arnold and Ava Decker & Family

Elizabeth, Marc, Ariel, Leigh and Zachary Diamond

Phoebe Irene Dichner & Family

Renee’ and Ronnie Dictrow & Family

Rhonda, Mark, Danielle, Hannah and Joshua Eiger

Lisa Elfenbein & Family

Toby and Paul Elkin & Family

Sheryl and Sheldon Feinland & Family

Trudi and Harvey Feinman & Family

Harriet Feldman & Family

Stephen and Libby Feldman & Family

Merle and Jerry Feldstein & Family

Myra and Barry Freundel & Family

Barbara Friedeman & Family

The Garson Family

Ruth and Marc Gaswirth & Family

Gloria Gelband & Family

The Gerstenfeld Family

Ellyn and Roy Glazer

Linda and Marvin Glickstein & Family

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goodman & Family

The Grafstein Family

Phyllis and Harry Greenberg & Family

Arline and Hy Grossman & Family

Marilyn and Howard Heiss & Family

Michele and Marc Herling & Family

Sue and Allen Holeman & Family

Norma and Gary Hyman & Family

Paul and Isabel Jacob & Family

The Jay Family

Susan and Harvey Joseph & Family

The Kansky Family

Carrie, Brian, Lauren and Jared Kessler

Sandie and Neil Kipnis & Family

Susan, Jeffrey, Evan and Lauren Kirsch

Mr. and Mrs. Abe Kluge

The Konichowsky Family

Carol and Sam Kowalski & Family

Jan and Martin Krupnick & Family

Andrew and Iris Landau & Family

Laura and Steven Landau & Family

Isaac and Joy Lederman & Family

Barbara and Norman Leiderman & Family

The Lenner Family

Lauren Levitt & Family

Denise and Larry Levine & Family

Linda Levine

Sandi Levy & Family

Sheila and Art Lopater

Iris and Barry Lurie & Family

Carol and Jeffrey Madan & Family

The Madnick Family

Sheila and Stanley Mandel & Family

Ed Marder & Family

Peter and Robyn Martin & Family

Stan and Diane Mayer & Family

Barbara and Howie Meller & Family

Miriam Metzger & Family

Barbara Michaels & Family

Ronald and Leslie Minsky & Family

Ruth and Steven Nadler & Family

Ken and Ann Nahum & Family

Shelly and Harvey Nortman & Family

Carl and Judy Olesh & Family

The Padnis Family

Dr. Mark and Heather Pass & Family

Shari, Jeff, Lexi and Jordan Paul

Fran and Marty Pickus & Family

Betty and Fred Pilcz & Family

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Pollack & Family

Janet and Herb Pont & Family

Susan and Gerald Post

Laura and Alan Rader & Family

Shelley and Barry Ratner & Family

Liz, Lee, David and Mia Reingold

Melanie and Mike Ringel & Family

Ann and Nathan Rogers & Family

Leah and Jeff Rosenberg & Family

Roberta and S. Keith Rosenthal

Sheila and Gene Rouff & Family

Debbie and Richard Sacket & Family

Robin Sacks and Family

The Salman Family

Rise and Joel Samit & Family

Diane and Stuart Schauman & Family

Sylvia Schechter & Family

Cheryl, Mark, Ross and Noah Schneider

Reba Schneiderman & Family

The Schopin Family

Dr. Philip and Leslie Schrager & Family

Cal and Fran Schwartz & Family

Ed and Liz Shashoua & Family

Arlene and Dick Sherman & Family

Sandra and Howard Singer & Family

Rita and Richie Singer & Family

Robin and Ira Slad & Family

Sharon and Jeffrey Slavet & Family

Phyllis and Allan Sobel & Family

Rhonda and Allan Solomon & Family

Brenda, Steve, Terence, Garrett and Jordan Solomon

Linda and Marty Spector & Family

Debbie and Lenny Staloff & Family

Natalie and Ernie Stein & Family

Irving and Eleanor Stein

Amy and Joel Steinberg & Family

Harriet and Conrad Strohl & Family

Allyson and Michael Tanenbaum & Family

William and Claire Tanzer & Family

The Whole Tepper Family

Dr. Robert Tobin

Robin and Harvey Tuerack & Family

Elissa and Arnold Wadler

Miriam and Robert Waldman & Family

Ronnie and Nat Weil & Family

Ruth and Sunny Weiner & Family

Andrea and Ken Wendler & Family

The Werther Family

Sheldon and Rhoda Whitman & Family

Robin and Joseph Windman & Family

Hank and Shelly Wisel & Family

Bonnie and Stanley Wolf & Family

Rita and Len Zimmerman & Family

Seymour Zwick & Family



Thu, July 9 2020 17 Tammuz 5780