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Talmud Torah K’neged Kulam | The Study of Torah is Most Basic to All Mitzvot 

Jews utter this statement each day during the Shacharit (morning) service.  By placing it in the siddur (prayer book), the rabbis of our tradition emphasize that both learning and intellectual growth are essential elements to our Jewish faith and life.

Learning is a journey we travel through during our lives from childhood to adult.  By joining your children in this sacred endeavor of Jewish learning, you express a meaningful commitment to the beauty of our ancient Torah tradition and make an important investment in the future of our heritage. 

We strive to provide our children with opportunities to develop and participate in Jewish life.  Through class Friday evening services, as well as our variety of Saturday morning children’s services, the students become familiar with Shabbat and synagogue practice. Within the individual classes, special projects will focus on different aspects of Jewish identity.  Through our youth programs, Katan, Pre-Kadima, Kadima and USY, our children, pre-teens and teens have occasions to socialize and have meaningful opportunities within a Jewish framework. 

The Marlboro Jewish Center Hebrew School curriculum is designed to prepare students to grow intellectually and spiritually.  In addition to learning the Hebrew necessary to participate in religious services, the curriculum exposes students to thoughts and ideals of our ancestors through prayer, history, and celebrations. 

We seek to strengthen your child’s Jewish identity through education, interaction with the Jewish community and by creating an atmosphere in which all of this can take place.  I believe that our shared goal of guiding your child on a path of creative Jewish learning and living will be a blessing in the life of your family as well as the Marlboro Jewish Center family.

Together, we will succeed in shaping the next generation.  L’dor v’dor – generation to generation!


Fri, June 9 2023 20 Sivan 5783