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                                         Cantor's Chanters


***Rules of the Torah reading club***

1. In order to be in the club, you have to chant at least 2 readings per year.
(When you join is when your year starts)

2. We will offer up to 4 community service hours
for EACH Torah reading you do.

3. After 5 Torah readings, you will receive an
$18 gift card of your choice.

4. After 10 readings, you will receive a
$36 gift card of your choice.

5. After 18 readings, you will receive your
very own yad (pointer used for readings).

6. Rabbi Pont and I will treat you all to dinner at 
Fred and Murray's.

7. You can have anywhere from
2 weeks to 6 months to learn your reading. 
Cantor Teplitz will send you the
text and recording of your reading, and offer
any support when needed!

8. Cantor Teplitz or Rabbi Pont will
listen to you chant your reading the week before.

9. You will attend the entire
Shabbat morning service 
on the day of your Torah reading.

10. You will be doing a mitzvah for your 
community, and will be making your
clergy and family proud!

Fri, June 9 2023 20 Sivan 5783