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Unveiling Service

The death of a loved one impacts us in profound ways, tearing us apart emotionally.  While our lives will never be as they were, Jewish rituals provide comfort and structure in such challenging times. 

One such ritual is the unveiling, a custom which has been sanctified by time and which originated in the Biblical Period.  "And Rachel died, and was on the way to Ephrat, which is Bethlehem.  And Jacob set a monument by her grave; that is the monument of Rachel's grave unto this very day."  (Genesis  35:19-10)  By marking a grave, we affirm that we will cherish the memory and the values of our dearly departed.  In addition, the unveiling is meant to help family members move forward in life. 

Please click HERE to download an Unveiling Service Booklet for you to use when observing this ritual.

You may choose to begin the service with one or more readings, including Psalms.  Then, the assembled may share memories about the deceased.  Bring cheesecloth to cover the stone, and ‘unveil’ it and read aloud its markings.  You may conclude with the El Maley Rachamim prayer and Mourner’s Kaddish; Kaddish is traditionally recited in the presence of ten Jews of Bar or Bat Mitzvah age or older.  The readings and prayers are in the booklet. 

 It is my sincere hope that the Unveiling will aid in your healing process. 


Rabbi Michael Pont


Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784