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 When congregants gather in our sanctuary, our intention is for the experience to be spiritually fulfilling & religiously significant. 

Friday night services are among the most joyous times at Marlboro Jewish Center. Whether it is a regular Friday night, our popular Shabbat Unplugged with Cantor Teplitz and the Shabbat Unplugged Band, or one of our special programs like Shabbat Under the Stars or Shabbat at the Beach, our hour-long Kabbalat Shabbat is a wonderful way to welcome our day of rest and relax after a long week.

Our traditional Shabbat morning service begins every week at 9:00am with Torah Study. Led by Rabbi Pont or a lay leader, Congregants gather in the dining room to discuss the themes we can learn from in the Torah portion we will read that morning and use it as a jumping off point for a robust discussion of how it relates to Jewish life today.

Our formal service begins at 10:00am and runs for approximately two hours. The Cantor begins with parts of both Birchot ha Shachar and Pesukei d’Zimra (morning and daily blessings) followed by Shacharit including a hybrid recitation (partially outloud and partially in private prayer) of the morning Amidah.

Our Synagogue does all seven traditional aliyot during our triennial reading of the Torah, which is read by adult congregants, recent b’nai mitzvah, the Rabbi and the Cantor. During the Torah Service, the congregation will offer a mi sheberach (prayer for healing) sung to the well known arrangement by Debbie Friedman. All are invited to say the names of those they are praying for outloud, or to add those they are praying for to the list read by the Rabbi, by calling the main office.

Services conclude with Musaf, including another hybrid recitation of the Amidah, followed by closing prayers including the Mourner’s Kadish.

While we are not hosting our normal Kiddush lunch following the service due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Congregants are invited to join together for a drink and a prayer for a good week.

Every holiday has its own traditions and rituals but we strive to make each of them meaningful in their own unique way. Since all of our holidays begin in the evening, there will often be a family program in the evening before a more traditional service in the morning. For more information about specific holidays, visit the MJC calendar.


Bima: Whenever a congregant is going onto the Bima (pulpit) we ask that they put on a Kippah (head covering) and a Talit (prayer shawl).

Children: Our youngest congregants are always welcome in our Sanctuary. We do not shush. We do not ask them to leave. We do not make them sit down. All we ask is that kids be kids.

Head Coverings: Our custom is that both men and women wear a head covering while in the Sanctuary.

Honors: While most honors are handed out on the day of the service, we are always looking for ways to pay tribute to the simchas in your life. If you would like to have an aliyah, or another honor, at an upcoming service please call the office.

Masks: At this time masking at Synagogue events is optional.

Sun, June 16 2024 10 Sivan 5784