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Rabbi's Weekly Torah Thoughs


I am very excited that MJC’s Hebrew School started this week!

Our tradition teaches, “Talmud Torah k’neged kulam” or “Education is a supreme value.” We know that transmitting Jewish values to the next generation is critical, because it is the basis of our most beloved ritual – the Passover seder. Indeed, the seder’s main goal is to keep children engaged. Each of the seder’s “Four Children” ask questions that come directly from the Torah! Our main task as adults is to educate!

This is a unique year. To learn safely, we will use Zoom at least for the first few months, if not longer, depending on the state of the pandemic.

We have an incredible staff! I am grateful to Dr. Beth Banks Cohn, MJC member and organizational consultant we hired to navigate this world of virtual education. Since July, Beth helped us to structure the school, hire teachers, communicate effectively with parents, and more than I can mention in this short essay. Lissette Allen has been with MJC through thick and thin since 2005, and she is our terrific administrator – I am thankful for her efforts. Michal Friedman is new to the leadership team, supervising and supporting the teachers. Finally, I am the Interim Director, serving mainly as the parent liaison. 

I also thank MJC President Steven Solomon, Executive VP Mark Eiger, Executive Director Dara Winston, and Education VP Freya Markowitz for their ongoing encouragement and guidance.

The Torah states, “V’shenantam l’vanecha…” “You shall teach your children…” (Deuteronomy 6:7) I am confident that we are doing just that in the best way possible in 2020!


Rabbi Pont

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