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Our Hebrew School is dedicated to creating an engaging Jewish education program that inspires lifelong participation in the Jewish community for all our K-12 learners and their families. In partnership with our synagogue, the school provides meaningful learning through both formal and experiential education.

Our mission is to provide an engaging, interactive and fun introduction to synagogue involvement, developing a positive foundation for Jewish education. We work to nurture friendships among the children as they take part in experiences that foster involvement in Jewish life within their families, the community, and throughout the world.

MJCHS create a dynamic Jewish experience for all students and their families to foster personal connections as they explore values, rituals, prayers, and Jewish role models.

Kindergarten (Gan)
First Grade (Alef)
Second Grade (Bet)

In their early years of Hebrew School, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Students are engaged in learning about the traditions and rituals that encompass the Jewish calendar.  Using hands-on activities including games, stories, cooking, music and crafts, children explore the Jewish holidays, Shabbat, Israel, and Torah stories.  Hebrew letters are also introduced with fun, engaging activities.

Third Grade (Gimel) 
Fourth Grade (Dalet)
Fifth Grade (Hey)
Sixth Grade (Vav)


In the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades, students build on their Jewish skills and knowledge base. Students in these grades attend Hebrew School twice a week so that their Hebrew reading, and prayer fluency skills make steady, consistent progress.  Each Wednesday, these grades get together with Cantor Teplitz to pray the evening service. Each class takes on a role leading the rest of the school in common prayers like Shema and V'Ahavta, the Amidah and the Barchu. Students continue to engage in the study of   Torah and are encouraged to question the text and make connections to it.  Jewish holidays, rituals and mitzvot are explored with more detail and understanding. Students are introduced to aspects of Jewish history, the land of Israel, the Jewish lifecycle, and Jewish ethics.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah

One of the most important events to take place in a child’s Jewish life is the celebrate of  the Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Formal Bar/Bat Mitzvah education begins in the seventh grade when students attend Hebrew School on Wednesday afternoons and are taught by the Rabbi and the Cantor.  In addition to Hebrew School, each seventh-grade student works with the Cantor for two months reviewing pertinent prayers and is then assigned to a tutor for the remainder of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah learning.

Hebrew High School
Eighth - Tenth Grades

High Hebrew High
Eleventh & Twelfth Grades

We hope that Bar/Bat Mitzvah is just the beginning of our children's Jewish journey. Our Wednesday evenings we offer an engaging format with opportunities for socialization through exciting topics, a light dinner, and experiential programming. 
In tenth grade, our Confirmation students learn with Rabbi Pont and dive deep into  important Jewish identity issues. These conversations and lesson with Rabbi Pont continue in eleventh and twelfth grades with monthly High Hebrew High sessions.

Sat, January 28 2023 6 Shevat 5783